Universal seat covers for Z11

Hi all,<div>A soon-to-be proud owner of a cream/lemon 2004 Cube here :).</div><div>My apologies if this has been asked before...I scoured the forums for info and members seem to suggest Clazzio Seats.</div><div>Do universally-fit covers have any issues fitting a Z11 ? If so, what are the issues....side airbags? levers?</div><div>Alternatively, is there any other make/model with seat covers that can be fitted on Z11 Cube?</div><div>Thanks!</div>


  • bench seats will be the bigest one... in theory you'll need 2 rear seat covers.
  • <P>Thanks for your reply.</P>
    <P>I'm actually not too bothered about the back seat... is there another make/model which we can buy front seat covers for which also fit 2nd generation Cube?</P>
    <P>There are plenty of universal size ones on Ebay/Amazon which are side airbags friendly...anyone had experience fitting one of those?</P>
    <P>PS. My Cube should be picked up in a week or so, exciting times!</P>
    <P> </P>
  • Bench seat is where the issue lays. we don't really have them in this country so there isn't a car that matches to compare it to. If you can find a bench seat cover on maybe us ebay it might fit. if you use Facebook you could try Peter grice on there for a generic cover as he is in japan and might be able to find something that fits your requirements.
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