Fitting Renault Clio ml2 Coilovers to z11 gen 2 cube
  • I believe I'm right in thinking the clio mk2 front Coilovers 52mm spacing will fit the cube but will have to have the front arb removed? And camber bolts as once fitted they camber quite a lot
    But what about the rear of the cube? Clio shock and spring that would
    Come on the Coilovers kit or something different?

    Many thanks any extra info or advice would be great in sure some
    Have already done it
  • Or would k12 micra ones be better as that's the same chassis as the cube
  • Stick to k12 micra ones.

    The Renault Clio musings were back when the micra ones with £1500 imported only whereas now they have official importers in the UK so not much more than Clio ones.

    George made the brave move of going for clios and found the Arb link mounts were different even though everything else about the strut is the same.
  • Cheers mate have seen the micro k12 fk highsports on offer at £420