Rear Bumper Needed

Need a rear bumper to go on a 2004 Cubic Rider. pref in Black.<br>Have the lower lip so really just the main bumper.<br>Was told all rear bumpers are interchangable across the 2nd Generation...<br>As close to Poole as poss... but will travel for right price...<br>Or postage...<br><br>Who's got what?<br>


  • Please move to right section lol<br>
  • The bumpers can all be swapped about but I'm going to say you'll struggle anywhere for a Rider bumper anywhere in the country. Do a search on Import Monster for one as bumpers appear to be pretty cheap on there (the shipping will soon change that though!!!)
  • Will have a gander later :) I read that the riders were standard cubes but with an Autech lip kit and different front bumper :/ such a confusing car... Lol
  • They are a tweak on the stock cube but not sure if the rear bumper can be seperated out like that. If it can and you have lips you may be able to source a rear bumper but to be honest that just means it's hard to find rather than impossible!
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