How to find Type Designation Numbers (TDN) for 2008 Cube

Hi there,<br><br>Hoping someone in the club could help me.  I bought a Gen 2 2008 model Cube from Japan, and it needs<br>a VOSA test done. So I applied and sent them all the documents including a fresh MOT which it passed.<br>They are asking me for 'Original type designation numbers' which are not shown on the Jap d-reg dcoument.<br><br>Does anyone how to find out the TDN for a Cube? I have attached a photo of it in case it helps.<br>Grateful for any pointers!<br><br><br>


  • I've asked someone that may know. I'll update if I get them.
  • Thanks Terry.<br>
  • You may have a big problem. tdn numbers are stated on export certificate - it's evidence the car has met japanese type approval.

    However, several special editon cubes were produced post production - I.e rider and other autech models. These vehicles did not meet japanese type approval compliance and therefore missing the tdn numbers needed for evidence of comparable standards for Iva test.

    It's possible to still test for IVA but an absolute headache to get relavent information from nissan.
  • Still following it up but not sure I'm getting anywhere on a rider. Is there an issue with using the type approval for the regular (non-special edition) car?<div><br></div>
  • Thanks for your posts.  Im really struggling. I got the Japanese export document translated and there's no sign of a TDN number anywhere on it.  If anyone has a TDN for standard model I will try that, VOSA aren't the most helpful of departments either.  Appreciate your help.<br>
  • The Rider does not have TDN numbers - it was produced post production by autech.

    TDN numbers are evidence of Japanese type approval. The pre 2008 Rider models did not have Japanese type approval.

    You need to get specific information from Nissan Japan (not a dealer) stating that the vehicle meets each specific standard required for IVA - I.e emissions, frontal impact, seat belts etc

    This is very difficult and hence reason we only imported a handful of autech models which required sva / Iva testing.
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