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Hi people, just bought my first Cube - a 2008 z11 :D I pick it up in a couple of days, very excited!<br><br>I was just wondering if there is a load cover for the boot available from somewhere -either Nissan or 3rd party - googling doesn't find anything....?<br><br>Cheers,<br>Tim<br>


  • Not seen one for the z11 but they did one for the z12 it wouldn't be impossible to make one though
  • The z12 is just a sheet of thisck fabric that hooks to 4 anchor points in the back, should be easy to replicate in a gen 3 although we rearely ever have ours in as with the rear windows being tinted you can't see into the boot area anyway
  • Cheers guys, I was also thinking of making one if I can't find one.....the OH freaked out a bit when she found out it doesn't have one, but as you say it must be hard to see in especially with the seats pushed back.<br><br>I guess a Z12 one would fit a Z11 though if I can get hold of one? The boot width & hook positions must be almost identical, right?<br><br><br>
  • No idea if the z11 has the boot hooks. It has a flat section held at 4 points and then a slung section that velcro's to the back of the seats so as the seats can still move. For what it is if the rear didn't have the hooks you could easily find something suitable and remove the rear panels and fix them through so they looked stok and allowed you to mount the shelf.<div><br></div><div>Been thinking about trying to make a solid one for ours for a while but the pushchair needs to come higher than the shelf line when in there at the minute but for down the line something more rigid would be great as could even mount some extra rear speakers in it.</div>
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