Seat Covers Z11- where to buy them

Guys, i want to buy seat covers for my Cube Z11 2004. <div><br></div><div>Do you have any recommendations where to go </div><div>or/and </div><div>do you have seats measurements? </div>


  • A lot of members have clazzio seat covers which are made to fit and most members are pleased with or Liam has just bought a set from a different manufacturer, there was a member on the facebook page sourcing them from Japan or talk to peter Grice on the facebook page who lives there
  • The guy who was sourcing them on face book has a set that was left over from that order which are black with blue diamond stitching I believe and they were going for £250 a dedicated set to your spec from Japan will run to about £300 by the time shipping and taxes have been taken into account.
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