Cube vs Cubic seats

Hi all. I'm looking at buying my first Cube. I have seen the Cube (2nd Gen) at a local car dealership however have not seen a cubic. So my question is, does the back seat of the Cubic (well middle row i suppose) slide back and forth like it does in the Cube? How much leg room would you expect in both second and third rows? The back seat of the Cube was spacious. Can i expect the same room im the Cubic. And finally, how much longer is the Cubic, than the Cube.
Thank you all for your help!


  • Cubic is 170mm longer to accommodate the rear seats. No idea if the second row still slides (I have a gen 3) but would expect it to as think the car is the same aside from the longer rear with the extra seats and different brakes to allow for the possible heavier load. Some one who owns one should be able to confirm.
  • Hi,<br>Third  row just folds out. No movement...<br>Second row leg room compromised when using third row.<br>But hey, it's a 7 seater the size of a London Cab.<br>5 people with bit of luggage and good legroom on second row, or 7 people with hand luggage only, i.e. actually having the bags on their laps...<br><br>(Cube Cubic 2004)<br><br>
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