Looking to buy a 2nd Gen Cube, what should I be aware of?

Evening you crazy people. I'm really thinking about buying a Nissan Cube, 2nd Gen 2004 but I'm curious...is there anything I should be looking out for with these vehicles? I'm going to view one this weekend but would love to know what goes wrong with these vehicles the most? Thanks<br>


  • Most common fault that is difficult to fix is the door lock solenoids. Means the doors don't all lock on central locking. It's not that it's difficult to fix just that getting hold of parts isn't easy for it so you have to source them from Japan or you need to make generic ones work.<div><br></div><div>Take a look underneath as if it's a recent import it should be rust free (Japan doesn't use road salt so even an old car will be rust free) but if it's been over here a while an not underbody treated it could have started to rust.<div><br></div><div>Check when the timing chain was changed if there is any history with it and it's close to needing to be done. parts aren't expensive but it's a long winded job and so the labour bill can stretch to £5-600</div></div>
  • I've just bought one myself, so these are good top tips! My rear door solenoids have gone I believe - I hoped it would be a Micra part but it sounds like I could be wrong :-(<div><br></div><div>Is it best to treat the underbody with waxoyl or similar? I'm always wary of waterproof coatings holding water against the metalwork over time.</div>
  • Have a look in the boot in the spare wheel well. Sometimes a seal goes or the drain plug gets clogged and water gets in. Exhausts tend to go on the join between the pipe and the back box, but if the car is a new import, you shouldn't have to worry as much on this, as mentioned above regarding corrosion.<div><br></div><div><br><div><br></div><div><br></div></div>
  • Very helpful info me too. Thanks.
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