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Would like to lower my z12 30 mm. Does enyone recommend which company is the best ? Bilstein, Koni or Eibach
Also like to change my brakes discs and calipers (Brembo). Does someone have some advise?


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    eibach are about the easiest lowering springs to get for the Gen 3 in the UK but if your elsewhere in the world any of those are good brands and if you can find a kit by them you won't go wrong.<div><br></div><div>You can get alternative discs for the cube that are drilled and grooved etc but not seen big brake kit for one in the UK by Brembo or anyone like that. I guess if you could identify a car that shared the same components brakes wise that would open up options but I don't know of one as yet. there are kits available in the US but not from Brembo and the shipping for weighty brake parts outside the US would be really expensive</div>
  • Thank you Terry. I contacted Brembo today. Waiting for reply,
    If I now more I will put it on here.
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