2004 owners manual
  • Hi, new member. I am in Australia and looking for an English owners manual for my 2004 1.4 Z11. Can anyone help. Thanks
  • I bought one of these, quality product and worth the money, also bought a nissan service book as car came with no history, got to start somewhere!

  • Thanks I'll have look. Cheers
  • Hello, I am a newbie having just bought a 2004 Cube and I've been trying to get an owners manual. I did try the link on the post above but it's no longer listed on EBay. I tried the vendors direct in NewZealand ( found them on the net ) , mailed them twice with my details asking for postage charges to Ireland but they have not replied. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  • Have a look on Amazon for it. Usually some listed there.
  • Thanks for that Tazbert. I'll give that a try.
  • I have one in very good condition for £17 if you are still after one. Phil 07723388416