First time Cube owner - impulse pruchase
  • Well,

    There we go - just bought my first Cube. It is  Sky blue Cubic, fresh import, 2004 reg with around 50k miles on the clock.

    And I bought it without even seeing it in the flash! Or ever driven a Cube before.

    Impulsive bordering silly. Feels like the good old times when I will be killing time on ebay, and on the next morning I have to go to the missus and announce that I have bought another motorbike.

    This time at least I will not have much explaining to do as when she saw the photos she wanted it more than I did!

    I will not be able to drive it for another 2 weeks (out of the country) and just cannot wait to be behind the wheel.

    It just has to be the most practical car ever! 

    First thing I will do I will get people on all 7 seats, ask them to hold their luggage in their teeth and drive 50 miles out on twisty b roads doing 34miles per hour.

    Next thing I will try to put 5 tandem bikes inside.

    Then I will go camping and ask my wife and kids to sleep inside while I keep guard against rabid dogs and naysayers that think the car is ugly (my sister called it a funeral car!).

    Finally I will drive to the other side of Europe where I will find a dodgy garage to install a minuscule LPG bottle in one of the Cubes cub holders so I can drive for 20miles on LPG before filling in and feel really smart about it.

  • Welcome to the family! seems like your coming in with the right out look on our crazy little world!
  • Haha, thanks Terry, just got the insurance sorted today, counting the days till I can drive it
  • Welcome Mate! I think you just beat my friend to it...he was buying that blue cubic last sunday and it just got sold!
  • Yes, it must have been me, or the mate I sent to buy the car for me. I thought it will not last till the ebay auction end so i had to move fast. Hope your friend finds another cubic soon.