Breakage variator on Nissan Cuba BZ11
  • Hey there! I am from Russia. I have a Nissan CUBE BZ11 2002. Transmission - CVT with the possibility of switching speed on the wheel. Need advice! I'll tell you all about it. Warmed up the car and drove off. All was well. Suddenly - hooted and began to work poorly variator. Be sure to watch the video. Food, I press the accelerator pedal to the floor - hardly goes, turn to manual control - no reaction when switching speeds. The speed of 20 km / h. Stop. No reaction when the D. cling ELM327 OBD2. Gives error code 1720 - error rate sensor. Reset. After standing for 10 minutes - start the engine. Buzz is, there is a reaction to the transfer. Trying to rush hour to get home to the Internet closer. Drive 2 km, the box pulls cleanly on volitional. Almost reached the house - again, a complete loss of communication with the engine box. Pushed into the parking lot. Shot a video how the car after 30 minutes. Transfer again included - car reacts, but drone terrible. Who has any opinions, suggestions? Watch the video!

    Is it possible that the battery down here on the scenes and settings shift strayed? When you touch this connecting link - the hum disappears!


  • Hopefully Eugenous (sp.) helped you over on the facebook page. I think I get what your saying through the translate function but I don't know gen 2's well enough to help. First thing to look at usually though with the CVT is to check the transmission oil level. when that gets low you tend to get all sorts of issues crop up. As for the linkage I have no idea and hope someone will be able to help you out with it.