NEEDED: Examples of gen 3 electronic steering column lock failures
  • Hi everyone.
    I have been asked to collect as many examples of the ESCL beakdown on other gen 3 cubes in the UK. This includes both those that were fixed under warranty and those that cost you a fortune.
    I know there are other posts documenting this fault but if we can get a list of all those UK owners that have been affected in one place it could help us get a service campaign sorted. Nissan keep telling owners they are the only ones affected which we know isn't true so lets get a list going so we have proof.
    I have some good contacts in place to try and make this happen and if all fails I will go down the watchdog and press route as others have previously suggested but I don't think has been tried yet.
  • someone will pop up with something surely, power to the people, damn the man!!! ✊
  • I've tried numerous times to collate the information both here and the fb group but to be honest there's such a small pool of gen 3 cube owners let alone club members that you really need to join forces with the uk based owners of other affected models - 370Z? Juke? Newer generation of Note?

    Watchdog will want a good number and strong basis to make a feature, believe me I've been on it! :)
  • Nissan told me there are 500 uk gen 3 cubes.
    I know from here and facebook there are 5 or 6 of us just on here that have been affected. Thats 1% of uk cubes just in this group that have had the issue so on a wider scale I'm expecting it to be over 15-20% of gen 3's with the fault.
    Fingers crossed I can get a few names from here.
  • There are just over 1000 cubes still registered in the UK so even Nissan don't know how many of their own cars they have left on the roads...

    Trouble is most of the cubes that were sold new went to motability I believe so they won't turn up here and if they failed under that scheme they will have been sorted and the old folks never told what the actual issue was. the car would have then been sold on and no one been any the wiser.
  • are you on the facebook page? I'm compiling a list of failures and don't want to duplicate across the 2 platforms! I'll post the list both here and there once it's done and keep a copy that can be editable and added to
  • This is the thread I started back in December 2013...

    I'll pin it back to the top of this forum page (it was in the past but as you can see there wasn't that much response)

    There are a few names and experiences and dates to add to the list though.
  • Thanks Phil. I was looking for that thread but couldn't find it.
  • Hi Beef
    we spoke on Facebook (james) I think we should get a group together and take them to court that or go down to Nissan HQ park in-front of the gates and tell the the ESCL has gone and we can't move the cars.
  • Hello
    Mine failed at 60.000 miles
    Cost £650 to replace at Nissan.
    2010 Cube

  • Mine failed December 24th 2014. 49000 miles 2010.
    photo (2).JPG
    1936 x 2592 - 2M
  • Hi

    mine failed March this year 26k miles (2010 Gen 3)

    Nissan paid for the part - not the labour - as my Nissan Cared4 warranty had only ran out two weeks previous




  • What happens with lock, jams on??
    something that happens gradually or just goes?
  • It fails in the locked position and as it's linked to the immobiliser the car is left dead and has to be towed. If it happens you'll know as the car will open completely normally but the ignition system will be dead as a door nail showing that it's not the car battery (as if that was the case it would effect the door central locking as well). It is a recognised fault by nissan on the cube in other parts of the world and on other cars in the range (350z for instance) in the UK that have had recalls however as there are probably only 1000 cubes in the country and all are out of warranty now Nissan refuse to acknowledge it as a fault and the best they will do is make a contribution to the repair of either the labour or part cost I can't remember which it normally is.
  • We had 2 x cubes & my girlfriends steering lock failed on her 59 plate winter 2010 with no warning. 
    The car was just under a year old & fortunately still under warranty.
     (I was told repair cost approx £1500 ). Didnt even geta tow to garage & had to arrange myself in the middle of a real patch of bad weather.
    Poor show from Nissan
  • I live in Boston Massachusetts United States of America and I don't think this is fair. That should be a recall and your country like there is here for the same problem. Message to Nissan why are you not recalling this problem in other countries. That's not very fair people are having to pay out of your pocket for a problem that they did not create. So I'm speaking out for the people that own Nissan cubes like myself

  • I bought a 2010 Cube from Japan a few months ago. Does anyone know of
    anything to help it stop using a lot of fuel? Adjustments or any its a 2019

  • I bought a 2010 Cube from Japan a few months ago. Does anyone know of
    anything to help it stop using a lot of fuel? Adjustments or any
  • when you say a lot of fuel how much are we talking? they are shaped like a brick so aerodynamics isn't on their side and the japanese have the CVT transmission which is a little thrustier than the manual guessing you shouldn't be looking at much more than mid to low 30's mpg wise and that is using UK figures.
  • Hi my wife's Cube (UK 2010 plate) just failed at 80,500 miles.   
    It has the 487001FE0C version of the escl installed.  

    I've got it to start with the improved sequence listed in the comments on this video This isn't a repair so much as a workaround to get the vehicle going again to make it to a garage under it's own power. 
  • Also has anybody tired taking out a court claim against Nissan for the repair cost?  Did they get their money back?  
    6 years seems an unreasonable expected life for a car which is otherwise maintained.