Gen 2 airbag light flashing bypass?
  • Hi I've removed the original steering wheel and airbag from my gen 2 and fitted an aftermarket wheel. As expected the airbag warning light is flashing so I was wondering if I was to measure the resistance of the airbag and insert an equivalent resistor into the open circuit will the ecu think the airbag is fitted and therefore stop showing the warning light?
  • have a look through threads started by george, he's the only user I know who changed the steering wheel.

    Be wary of the latest MOT laws too - depending on tester's opinion even if you trick the bulb you can get a failure for fitting a non-airbag steering wheel to a car that had one as standard.
  • yup, the only cars I know to have got away with it are cars where the drivers airbag was an option (eg civics for instance) as they don't have a drivers side one. or Japanese cars where the uk equivalent car didn't have an airbag (like the MX-5's) as it's a fail if the airbags are faulty (light on) or have obviously been removed from a car that has one as standard equipment.

    In all fairness just swap the wheel back when it comes to MOT time or source yourself a tame garage as the MOT is only really valid for the time the car is on the ramp!

    the official wording...

    Supplementary restraints

    The vehicle will fail the test if any airbag fitted as original equipment is obviously missing or defective.

    A seatbelt pre-tensioner fitted as original equipment but missing or that has obviously deployed will be a reason for failure.

    Seatbelt load limiters that are missing where fitted as standard or folding webbing type limiters that have obviously deployed are also reasons for failure.

    The vehicle will also fail if a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) malfunction indicator lamp indicates a system malfunction.

  • Also watch out as you won't be insured.