Buy import Cube from japanese dealers
  • Dear all,

    I was looking for an used Cube 3rd gen in the UK market. I see that there are websites providing plenty of information regarding Japanese dealers shipping their cars in the UK. Price-wise they look similar to what is available in the country. My question is as follows.

    Are there any needs for special permits issued by the UK Gov once the car has been shipped in the UK? How does the shield # creation work in this case? Have any of you bought their car via a similar procedure?

    thanks a lot
    • Pay the shipping fee, which is calculated on the cubic meterage of the vehicle.
    • Pay the 10% Import Duty and 20% VAT.
    • Pay the Customs Duty.
    • Pay the Shipping Agent for their Services.
    • The car is released from Customs and available for collection.
    • Register the car and pay the registration fee.
    • Prepare the car for the SVA Test or MOT test. (i.e Change Speedometer to Miles Per Hour, Fit Rear Fog Lights etc.).
    • SVA test and/or MOT the car.
    • Tax and Insure the car for use on the road.
    Trouble is that by the time you've paid for all that a car that on the windscreen is the same price as a UK car is way more money once it's here so we don't get many if any imported gen 3's. Gen 2's that are newly imported can be had from a few places though.
  • 2014 Nissan Cube 1.5 SV-X CVT, . about 8700 euro include all tax for uk

    Mileage:44,907 miles/ 
    72,269 km
    Fuel type:Petrol
    Engine size:1.5
    NCT Due Date:February 2018
    Last update: