My Black Sunroof Cubic, Merseyside
  • Hi.

    I'm Andy T.  

    I just placed a deposit on a fresh import 2004 Cubic.  It is a sunroof model with a dark grey interior and front fogs.  Nothing else too special on it.
    59,000 miles and a spotless exterior, absolutely spotless and dent free.

    I am near St Helens, Merseyside.  My previous Jap import history includes a Nissan Pao, but over the years I have mainly owned classic VW's. In fact anything from a Trabant to a Split Screen VW Ambulance.  I currently have a 1973 VW Porsche 914 and a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible.  The Cubic will be the nearest to normal I have to drive.
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  • Sounds like a nice mix of cars / vehicles, all with a unique twist which is what it's all about. :D
  • I would love a 914 ,just not got the budget for a nice one
  • The 914 I took a punt on.  It was in Cyprus!  The owner brought it from his home in LA but never used it in Cyprus....but nobody would touch it...even at £3500...I DID....It's a runner and gets used.  ;-)
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