OBD socket location?

Can someone tell me where the OBD socket is on a 2003 Z11 Gen 2 Cube please.


  • Behind the fuse cover to the right / below the steering wheel.
  • Thanks CUBED, found it this morning. Next question, what is the best fault code reader to get?
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    I don't know about best. There are a few options - I've got a obd to USB lead with consult II software.

    Here's my write up -


    Other members here have got a Bluetooth obd dongle and an android app.
  • Hi Cubed, was that a standard lead and just special software. your ebay seller has now gone but I suspect I need whatever you bought as my local garage ccan;t get his scanner to work wit the cube.

    I think I have the same fault as you had, did you get away with just a sensor?
  • Thanks Cubed, great info. Must get me one of them
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