What is this for?

<p>My car is a Japanese import. It has this black box on the windscreen. Does anyone know what its for?</p><p><img src="http://forum.cubeownersclub.co.uk/uploads/FileUpload/25/3fbba66ea80d3c6316294fc70cfab9.jpg"></p>;


  • I don't recognise it - is it wired into anything? Could be automatic wipers if it's wired into the car? But guess you'd know if they came on automatically when it rained?<div><br></div><div>Could be some kind of automatic toll road or car park barrier sensor?</div>
  • Thnks CUBED. I checked the toll road idea and it looks like you are right. I was a bit worried if i removed it.
  • Just make sure you pay your tolls if you take it back to it's homeland. ;)
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