Cube turning over but won't start - any ideas?? Thanks in advance...

Hello there - I've been the proud owner of a 2003 newly imported Cube since July but am new around here. I've not had a single issue since July, but then this morning the Cube just won't start. It's turning over and there doesn't seem to be a power issue as all the displays, radio, lights etc come on with no issues, but it just won't start. The fuel level is quite low, but not any lower than I'd usually run it before filling up. One thing I noticed was that pressing the accelerator slightly while trying to start it (as was my first instinct since having starting problems with previous cars) seemed to have no effect at all, wondered if that suggests anything?

There's been no warning signs over the past few days at all, so seems very odd. Are there any obvious places to start trying to diagnose the problem? I'm a bit wary of taking it in somewhere without having some idea what it might be, even if it's something I can't easily fix myself.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, very much appreciated!


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    <P>It's difficult to comment on this type of thing without being able to see the car. It would be worth checking all the fuses are intact, and if you suspect the fuel level is low it wouldn't hurt to put a gallon in. If it was me I'd then be checking if the fuel pump is running, on most cars I've had recently you can hear the pump run for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on. Not 100% sure this is the case with the cube. After that I'd check for any fault codes in the ECU.</P>
    <P>In other words, all the usual things you'd check, I'm not aware of any cube-specific common faults that would cause this.</P>
  • the only thing i've had similar to this was when i had a bad earth on the ecu - the earth is behind the white plastic fuse box on the passenger side of the engine bay - bolted onto the suspension turret.<div><br></div><div>Mine was caused by nail varnish running down behind the earth point but could be caused if you've changed a fuse recently and and the bolt has worked loose.</div><div><br></div><div>As above - check the fuel pump and ecu fuses which are also in the same white fuse box.</div>
  • hi fluffcube you need to find out if you have a spark and also need to know if its injecting if not the crank sensor may have packed in as a quick reference take the air filter out and spray some easy start in while a helper turns it over if it tries to fire then you have a spark if not no spark if the ecu doesnt get a signal from the crank sensor it wont inject and wont produce a spark hope this helps if you lived near i would have a look for you im in bradford
  • Thanks so much for all the suggestions - we did eventually get it to start late on Sunday evening, then it's started perfectly every time today. We're now wondering if it's something as simple as spark plugs, and are going to investigate that tomorrow. It was just so odd to go from perfect starts every time to nothing at all.
    It's really helpful to have these tips on what to check for first for future reference if it does the same again - thanks again all! Maria
  • The fault code should still be in the system. If you can get a local garage to plug in their diagnostic tool they'll find it straight away. It may be as simple as an immobiliser.
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