Function Of 1, 2, And D In Automatic Gear plus overtaking

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Dear Cubesmart members!<div>What is the function Of 1, 2, And D In Automatic Gear -and what to do when you have to overtake (I leave in Ireland-Donegal, and we have A LOT of tractors and slow ladies here :) ).</div><div><br></div><div>Also, do you use all gears and according to official manual recommendation? </div><div>Thx.</div>


  • Just leave it in D. When you want to overtake, floor the accelerator and it will select the best gear. 
  • Thanks <a href=""; style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;">andrewb</a>. <div>But still i would like to know what is the function Of 1, 2. Do you know?</div><div>I appreciate your help. </div>
  • If you are in D, the automatic gearbox will select any gear.
    If you put it in 2, it won't select higher than 2.
    If you put it in 1, it won't select higher than 1.

    If you are driving down a steep hill and want to conserve your breaks, you can use "engine breaking", ie having the car in a lower gear, the same as you would with a manual car. So you would put it in 2 for example. You'll hear the engine sound a lot louder, and the revs will go up.
    You would need to ensure you are not going too fast, so your revs don't get too high.

    Driving down a mountain, it is normally essential to use low gears, otherwise your breaks will overheat, or at least wear very quickly.

    (You can also use the lower gear going up a steep hill, if you find the gearbox is always changing up and down too much.)

    In general, though, stick to D.

    For overtaking, you have 2 options, floor it, and the kickdown will select lower gear and give you more rev. Or switch off the overdrive, which will also give you more revs.

    You need quite a distance for overtaking safely in the cube... Drive safe
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