Back door- wont open sometimes and slow windows
  • Hi guys!
    I bought BGZ11 2004 cubic 2 weeks ago and i cannot find a reason why ometimes one or two back doors do not close or open when i press close/open button on the key. I opened back door covers and checked mechanism-no problems found; battery has 12.9V- so it is good.
    This is very strange issue.

    Also front passenger and driver windows do not open as fast as back windows. I added lubricant in the slides. Driver window is going faster, but still no as fast as expected, and there is no change in passenger side. 

    Any ideas, Cubesmart members? 
  • Hi the lock solenoids on the doors do tend to be a problem with packing up, I've got one at the moment that needs changing.
    There is a fix using aftermarket universal solenoids that works well.
    As for the windows Maybe the mechanism in the door needs lubricating,