Yet another question on lowering springs.
  • Can I wade into the Gen2 lowering spring debate? I'm not happy with the way that this spring is seated on the Cube strut. The Micra spring goes to a smaller 'pigtail' at the end whereas the Cube spring is a uniform diameter all the way to the end. The Micra strut has provision for this smaller pigtail, but the Cube strut doesn't. As the Micra spring is compressed, the larger diameter coil seats on the outer seat.

  • Can it be turned upside down?
  • IIRC mine were fitted upside down but  this has been talked about on the forum before which is why i recommend swapping the struts to K12 struts while you're at it.
  • They can't be turned upside down because the other end is far too small to fit the top mount bearing. I picked up some K12 struts today, so I will post up some pics of the differences.

  • Cube spring cup:


    Micra spring cup:


    Micra lowering spring fitted in Micra strut:


    I wonder if there are different springs on different versions of the K12, hence the reason why there are different lowering springs around. Some appear to have a uniform diameter right to the bottom, some, like mine have the tapered pigtails.
  • They're defintely different on the Micra C+C - possibly later K12 Micras have the same springs as the C+C - was there an manufacture date range on the springs you bought?
  • And they're definitely not the rear springs are they?

    Other potential reason is they've packed the wrong ones at manufacturer?
  • They definitely aren't the rear springs lol. They have the right part number on and as the pic above shows, they fit the K12 struts perfectly. They are the same shape as the springs I took out of the K12 struts, just a bit shorter.
  • Mine were like that as well but I got myself some k12 struts when I did mine, the only thing that got me was the logo on the Koni ones I used is printed upside down on the springs as a manufacturing fault.