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Hi all, just purchased my first Cube, Z11 EX, 2003 collect next week.  Just looking around for a workshop manual and very quickly seen... there ain't one in English! Is there a factory manual, and how do we go about annual servicing as well as the day to day stuff<br><br>Cheers<br><br>Looey<br>


  • erm I've heard there are people who translate workshop manuals, however they aren't cheap. As for maintenance. The 1.4 petrol engine in these is the same one found in the K12 Nissan Micra. Engine code CR14DE. It'll take all the same filters and plugs so i see no reason why a garage would turn it away. Welcome along. Good choice of car  B-)
  • There is a guy looking to get some folks in new zealand to do a translation from Japanese but as has been said it ain't cheap! versions are available in Japanese and Russian so if your after pictures (usually useful for the exploded diagrams and locating that last fastener you can't see before you break something!) those might be of use. Folks generally use one of the foreign language ones and the micra version. Servicing as has been said is simple Micra stuff but when going for parts use the owners club to check what the alternative code is as often garages will try to order the cube part from Japan for high figures and the micra part is on the shelf for next to nothing!
  • Thanks Gents' looks like I will follow everybody else. I have downloaded a handbook but 2009. I have seen some chat about russian language manual, cant seem to actually find a download link though. Would appreciate a steer to a safe link. Collect the orange box in the morning, so looking forward to it!
  • Contact anonimchick on here I believe they have them and could probably send them to you.
  • Had the cube serviced and two new belts fitted, forgot to make sure the garage used Nissan belts, so suffered a couple of weeks of horrid screeching on start up.  Nissan belts fitted problem gone away.  thanks to Main Stealer ordered on Fri afternoon, belts arrived 0815 following morning, well done Toomeys. Almost 2000 miles in a month, mostly 1200 miles round trip to Scotland for a weeks holiday.  Superb car, comfy, 3 aduts with luggage avareged 41mpg. @ 70mph. <br><br>I ordered the English translation workshop manual, service schedule manual and owners manual from JPNZ.  Still waiting further comms from them and delivery of the workshop manual.  Normally they don't post outside NZ.  $69 Two out of three arrived in less than two weeks, now nothing heard for a month :(<br>
  • Jaffa before Scotland trip, could do with a good bath now though!<br>
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