Newbie with a Gen2 BZ11 cube.

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hi All,<br><br>Just purchased a Gen2 BZ11 cube. <br><br>It is an orange one with lowered wheels and after market steering. Believe it belonged to one of the members here. <br><br>Hoping to learn more about these cars...<br><br>


  • Welcome to the site and cube ownership<div><br></div><div>When you say aftermarket steering I can think of two that spring to mind - one was Ronster's which has the standard steering wheel sawn in half like the batmobile and the other one has a sparco steering wheel reg beginning FA52?</div><div><br></div><div>Both orange, both low and both cool IMHO. :)</div>
  • Thank you CUBED.<br><br>Wow! You have an excellent memory. <br><br>The one I bought is the FA52 one and searching on the forum, I found it belonged to George. <br><br>The previous mods related to the car are here under his user id: <br><br><br>;
  • Welcome to tha club enjoy.
  • Welcome along to the family.
  • Thank you Toaster. <br>
  • Thank you Terry.<br><br>
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    The current lowered setting is way too low. Struggling even over the bumps in the estate. <br><br>Coil over adjustment is insufficient because of the camber. So planning to buy some standard Nissan Micra K12 suspensions (front struts, back springs and shocks). Have read a lot on here saying it would fit. Hopefully should be straightforward.<br><br>Does anyone have George's contact details? I would like to learn more about the vehicle from him.<br>
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    Let me know if you want to sell those coilovers. Or swaps for my lovely standard setup ;)
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    Yes I do seem to remember things well, if not all the details then at least what I've seen or read so know where to find it.

    Try sending George a message through the forum but all the details about his car are in the thread you already found.

    The K12 shocks / springs will fit straight on and iirc George also fitted washers to get the camber so you may want to remove those to revert to a standard setup.

    There was also a problem with that coilover set (it's designed for a Renault clio) in the way that the anti roll bar links to the suspension so you'll need to get anti-roll bar links too unless they were included in the sale?

    See details here -

    For the above reason I think you'd be better off getting a K12 Micra coilover set Liam.

  • Yes I did read George's post about his coilovers afterwards. I don't like the idea of having no arb :/
  • I agree. I am trying to get the standard shocks fitted now. This looks great but not so nice when driving inside the estate with too many bumps.<br>
  • Standard K12 Micra shocks in the garage waiting to be fitted. <br>
  • Suspension back to original. The steering is next...<br>
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