Front brake sticking on (not calliper)

Hey Cubesters, Just got new pads/discs upfront after a caliper stuck on, wore the pad down to the metal and scored the disc.<div>My mechanic mate said it was the sliding pin (at the bottom) sticking. He's lubed it and said the calliper seems to be returning fine, but there's still an alarming smell of burning ferodo on the same side (OS) after a short journey. Anyone experience this or have any suggestions? Cheers.</div>


  • Hi just done my brakes..pads and discs...
    One of my calipers was need to pull out the pins and give them a right good clean..I had to clean mine up with emery cloth..they were rusty! Then replaced with Ali more sticking brakes!
  • Mate if your happy that your piston is returning ok and that your sliding carrier bolts ar all good .
    I have had this problem! !
    In my case new pads after a few miles noticed curb side brake was hot so out with spanners cheaked again all look good but wheel was tight to rotate. When I undone bleed nipple there was pressure there when It was gone wheel free find .
    So I pumped pedal and wheel became tight again same thing but not on other side !
    After thinking about it it looked like brake flexi hose had collapsed internaly.that was my problem. Just a idea run it past your mechanic

    1 check for any seized slider or rusty pad slide guides and that piston is returning fully when your jacked up and wheel spins free.
    2 pump pedal and see if wheel spins free if not after a few gos . Just undo nipple and see what happens if it goes loose again there a strong possibly it your hose .
    3 I swaped my two fronts over to prove a point and the problem move to the over side so for me it waa a new hose.
    Hope this help. I been a mechanic al of 40 years and seen this 4 time so is rare but not
  • Thanks for the feedback. My mate stuck the slider in a drill and spun it to discover it was a tad bent. He's ordered a pair from Japan but will take a couple of weeks to come. I'll definitely mention the hose to him, though. Cheers
  • Thats good nice you found prob
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