• Hello All,
    After driving 3 Litre BMWs, Volvos, etc, for over 20 years; I have made a big change and purchased a 3rd Gen Cube....and I am over the moon with it. Excited about all the things you can do to the interior and exterior. Are there any Cube Owners on here from Stoke on Trent area?
    Regards, Horne61
  • Welcome, there's a map somewhere on here where you can add yourself onto and check out any cube owners around your neck of the woods.
  • Thanks for the tip Freshginger.
  • Welcome to the family.

    Here's the map, if you have a google account and are logged in you can edit it and add yourself.

    If you can't add yourself I'll do it for you as we don't do exact address pinning just nearest town or to a vague area.

    Not sure of specific stoke members but Phil who basically runs the show is based in Cannock, I'm Derby and there are a fair few of us around the midlands. I actually bought my cube from Stoke!

    Be aware you'll be trawling through Ebay for a lot of the cube styling parts as although they can be bought from the dealers they are incredibly expensive and often work out cheaper being shipped from overseas! service parts are way easier to come by so don't worry about those as much though.
  • Thank you Terry for the tips. And yes I have been trawling through Ebay already lol.  I have noticed that some Nissan Dealers are selling bits off, so there are some bargains to be had. My Cube is the 3rd Gen Kaizen in Pearl White. I want to add a few bits on; not a complete Pimping, as I am now heading towards my 50's. I only really purchased it as a city car to get me to work and back (5 miles per day). I have noticed the difference financially already, as my previous car was only getting 16 mpg; tax, insurance, etc has halved as well.

    I'm enjoying the car and the attention it gets; some positive and also some statements like, 'What the hell is that?'

    Thank again for the tips.

  • Hi and welcome fellow gen 3 owner!
  • Cubeliner
    As I have not got a Google Account, I understand Terry Hill will add my name to the Google map for me, if you are willing to do this more me, I will give you all the relevant information. I have a Gen 3. 
  • Drop your info on and I'll add the tag for you sure.
  • Hi Terry
    Thank for that.
    I live in Amesbury SP4 7QZ a place close to Salisbury, I have a Cube Gen3 Auto - my second.
    I have had this one for 18 months now and went to the Japfest at Castle Coombe last year.
    I am 80 years old and have a spinal problem, so I need a car like this that I can get in and out easily.
    We love it - yes I am married.
  • I spoke to you at Japfest last year and remember you and your wife! I had the white Gen 3 with the flag engine cover and the 2 small children. you should see you've been added to the map now.