Hi<br>My boot has decided not to open and im not sure where to start when it comes to fixing it.<br>Any help or suggetions much appreciated.<br>Thanks<br>Jody<br>


  • Will the handle pull but the mechanism doesn't release, or is the handle/boot jammed or something?
  • Access to the lock is through the small removeable square panel on the inside of the back door if you need to get it open to investigate.
    If it's not unlocking with the remote or the interior switch then it could be the solenoid packing up, if it's the handle not working then could be a linkage come apart
  • The handle will pull but nothing happens. If its the solenoid thats packed up how do I go abouts fixing this myself?<br><br>
  • You will need to find a breakers with one and swap it over.
    There is a fix for the rear doors using a universal solenoid but not sure if it would work on the tailgate
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