• Hi guys,
    I have a 2004 BGZ11 agi active cube, but I don't like the speedo / rpm dials.
    The speedo and the rpm dials in the 2009 looks nice with the cool blue and it's all lit up and vibrant.
    Will that fit in my 2004 dash?
    Or are there any other digital options with nicer lit up speedos ?

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

  • Very doubtful due to wiring plug and size if you like a challenge amd understand modern electronic its not impossible
  • Hmmmm trying to remember the website but a google will probably find it, have a look for MX-5 custom dials. There is a guy who makes but also shows you how to make custom dial faces for cars by layering paper up to make the various areas of light and dark on the dash. You won't be able to shift around the locations of stuff but you will be able to change the directions of the needles and how it all lights up and glows.

    It will take some time and patients but  his results are awesome and all use the stock dash just tweeked.

    As it happens quick google and I found it!

    It's this guy and looks like he has turned his hobby into a business but the guides are still in there if you have a hunt around.

  • Wow Thanks terry_hill!