Sheffield Area
  • hi all
    are any of your from the Sheffield area as I've spotted 3 cubes on my travel's  

    a cream gen 2 on city road parked up and 2 white gen 3's one on the A57 with a private plate a week or 2 ago and one near dronfield who waved at me 
  • Hi Scotty

    Welcome to the site. :)

    As for cubes in Sheffield there's a member's map here -

    Do you have a cube? If so feel free to follow the instructions and add yourself to your general local area, rather than your specific house!
  • There are a couple in Sheffield/chesterfield area and then there are a fair few around the derby/Nottingham/Mansfield area as well. lots of them aren't on the map though!
  • we are in dronfield and my wife does a lot of waving, i take it you where in a cube at the time,
    there's also another cube in dronfield with a roof rack on it both gen 3's
  • yeah would've been me seen you a few times now :)

    spotted a black one the other day near crystal peaks too seems to be alot around sheffield
  • Yes Sheffield seems to be somewhat of a hub for people who like to stand out ( should we say lol ) i see a lot of imports around Elgrands, Cubes, Bongo's etc.
  • Count me in!!! Black Kaizen '10 plate, S6 area.... ;)