Hello from Manchester
  • Hi all. Been lurking around for a while and thought that I should finally introduce my first CUBE. It's an EX with "manual" CVT and apparently rare sunroof. Got it in December 2013 and so far I'm very happy with it as nothing seems to be wrong with it. I love how people react seeing the car wherever I go. Not a day passes without someone waving, showing thumbs up, pointing at it, taking photos, asking about the car, and so on... 

    Does anyone have any idea how many Gen2 Cubes are there in Manchester area? I've seen 2 so far but a long time ago and I haven's seen any since I got mine. 
    800 x 600 - 170K
    800 x 600 - 159K
  • Nice looking Car ... I'm up in Manchester and in an Black Gen 3 now but got my first Gen 2 (silver) in 2010... It resides in Bolton now with my mother-in-law... She loves it and i wanted to keep it in the family. I've seen a couple around Manchester a gun metal and a silver blue. i like my new cube but it's not as Cubey as the 2nd Gen... Chill and Enjoy it looks immaculate!!! 
  • Welcome to the site.

    Looking shiny. :)

    I've not come across many gen2s with a sunroof.

    As for in your area there's a member's map here - 

    Feel free to follow the instructions and add yourself to your general local area, rather than your specific house!
  • Welcome to the Family!
  • I'm in central Manchester, and we have a Gen II :)
  • White Gen3 in Wigan here.. starting to get enough northerners for a mini-meet!
  • Gen 2 in north Manchester here, *waves*
  • Great to see that I'm not alone. In fact on Wednesday I've seen a silver gen 2 in Hulme - first one in way over a year. I was just about to park next to it when some rude guy in a yaris pushed in and took the spot but we have managed to exchange a cube to cube wave lol. 

    @Lealord - thanks, however the closer you get the less immaculate it looks lol. 
    @Mcrdavewaves back. Sorry about your Cube's encounter with a bus.
    @davidjosephscott - looking nice. 
    @c00ke5ter - it appears that there is at least 4 gen2's and 3 local gen3's on the forum so yes it starts to look like a feasible idea.

    I've added my Cube to The Map as suggested by @CUBED. It would be great to see some more markers added in the North West. 
  • I did a big batch add a little while back for the facebook group but might do another call out to see if anyone else wants to be added as if you don't have an account or the right browser it can all go very pear shaped! 
  • Ours is in Marple but generally seen at the wife's shop in Heaton Moor. Silver and sadly just damaged a wing .
  • I'm in Huddersfield so not so far away.
  • I am from mcr as well.
  • Are you guys on the map or do you want adding?