• More to follow I live in UK and found
    pad list for Jen 2 on 238 mill discs with audio warning.


    EBC Ultimax dp1832 
    Blue print adl 142132c I have used
    pagid t1820
    Mintex mdb 3009 I have use
    Textar 2468201
    Remsa 129302
    Kevo bp6599
    Nissan 41060 ax 085
    Apec pad1760 I have used
    trw gdb7238
    Abtec abp2113

    Part number 143148 DescriptionDiscCentre Hole Size61 Fitting Holes / Studs4Outer Dia mm238 Overall Height mm43.7Thickness22 DrivetrainFWD ATMEngine Type16v DOHC
    Chassis SeriesBZ11Engine CodeCR14DE Vehicle MarketIMPORT  
    Type Vented


    Part Number ADN143137 Type Vented
    Description Disc Centre Hole Size 61
    Fitting Holes / Studs 4 Outer Dia mm 260
    Overall Height mm 43.9 Thickness 22
    Drivetrain FWD ATM Engine Type 16v DOHC
    Chassis Series BGZ11 Engine Code CR14DE
    Vehicle Market IMPORT
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  • thanks for ask know probs
  • table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { background-color: white; padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #F2592D; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; }
    CUBE 1.4138672984CR14DEPetrol
    CUBE 1.51498801094HR15DEPetrol
    MICRA III 1.0 16V99848654CG10DEPetrol
    MICRA III 1.2 16V124059804CR12DE, CG12DEPetrol
    MICRA III 1.2 16V124048654CR12DE, CG12DEPetrol
    NISSANMICRA III 1.4 16V138665884CR14DEPetrolHatchback
    NISSANMICRA III 1.5 dCi146148654K9K 704Diesel
    NISSANMICRA III 1.5 dCi146160824K9K 722Diesel
    NISSANMICRA III 1.5 dCi146150684K9K 708DieselHatchback
    NISSANMICRA III 1.5 dCi146163864K9K 276DieselHatchback
    NISSANMICRA III 160 SR1598811104HR16DEPetrolHatchback
    NISSANNOTE 1.4138665884CR14DEPetrolMPV
    NISSANNOTE 1.61598811104HR16DEPetrolMPV
    NISSANNOTE 1.5 dCi146150684K9K 700DieselMPV
    NISSANNOTE 1.5 dCi146163864K9K 276DieselMPV
    NISSANNOTE 1.5 dCi1461761034K9K 292DieselMPV
    NISSANNOTE 1.5 dCi146166904K9K 276DieselMPV
    NISSANTIIDA Hatchback 1.61598811104HR16DEPetrolHatchback
    NISSANTIIDA Hatchback 1.81798931264MR18DEPetrolHatchback
    NISSANTIIDA Hatchback 1.5 dCi1461781064K9K 728DieselHatchback
    NISSANTIIDA Saloon 1.61598811104HR16DEPetrolSaloon
    NISSANTIIDA Saloon 1.81798931264MR18DEPetrolSaloon
    NISSANTIIDA Saloon 1.5 dCi1461761034K9K 772DieselSaloon