• Hey awesome cube lovers

    Got a irritating problem with my dashboard it's starting to rattle a lot before I could barely notice it but now lord all mighty quite annoying any advise or anyone know where the screws would be located

    Thanks troopers
  • what gen?
  • 2nd gen
  • Phil's site fresh and minty has a page about taking the 2nd gen dash to bits I think although he's often tinkering so it might have disappeared. Should help you find any loose fixings you have.
  • Hi troopers

    This might help ....

    for future reference the best way to find a page on my site is using google - just put freshandminty then a space then what you're after.

    so freshandminty dashboard or freshandminty retrim brought my page up top. :)

  • You are the man
    F***ing legend
  • :D

    No worries
  • I have a dash rattle also, I thought it was something to do with me replacing the stereo as I was convinced it was coming from that area, but I've found that if I either pull down on the front sunroof blind handle, or press up on the courtesy/reading light it stops it.

    I've had the light out and put some sound deadening around, tightened all the bolts up in there, wedged foam in, etc., but I just can't seem to eliminate it.

    Just a heads up - your rattle may be coming from somewhere other than your dash.
  • It's quite annoying right lol. When I hold my dash the noise seems to stops so I'm just hoping its that