lower front suspension arms

Hi just got call from garage and l need "lower front suspension arms " l have a 2nd  gen 2003 , are they the same as the nissan micra, need to know urgently , thanks all


  • K12 year about 05 bubble micra or you can just by the joints which is what i did .
  • Toaster , thanks very much matey , all the best
  • Just get the arms. About the same price as the joints these days!!
  • I paid 9 pound for joint and lower track control arm bushes 7 but i can do this job my self
  • No one did 'em when I needed them. And when I found a set, they cost as much as the whole arm inc. the joints! No brainer really.
  • Got them and now fitted , they were the K12 as Toaster said ,
  • Glad to help as every one try .
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