Please can you help me. I have just bought an import 2003.
The radio did not work and CD player had a Japanese cd stuck in!
I have a band expander in and cd taken out but the CD player is broken and can only get radio 2. My friend said the system is wrong size to put a new one in
Is this true and is there a place to fe one? Also only got one key and that's not good as I'm always loosing things!!! Can I get a spare
Thank you so much


  • Hi you can put any ice unit in you like .and keys can be cut and copys can be got .
  • It's a double din slot, they can be got from stereo shops for as little as £80 but double that and you'll get bluetootha dn usb and bells and whistles. don't do many if any in halfords but any car stereo store will be able to source one.<div><br></div><div>Keys try CID in Bristol. I seem to remember them being able to code them but they need the car there to do it. failing that a Nissan dealer should be able to do it but it will take them a while to get a key blank and program it!</div>
  • Thank you so much for your help in pointing me in the right direction.
  • Please can anyone help. I have just started my 2003 it reversed out of space but as I drove it away it lost power and lights went out on dash for automatic gears. It then stopped and now won't turn over at all?
    Gears are not registering at all. Does anyone have any ideas please. I have only had it 3 months.
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