Gen 1 cube

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Went to Thorsby jap show today and I wasn't the only cube there for a change.



Very nice to actually see one, so many things carried over to the gen2 and some nice touches that were left off.
Had a good chat with the owner (Tonka) who has some nice plans for it.


  • Paul looks great car need more in club nice to speak with owner as well
  • Fune to see where it all started and interesting that when it came to the redesign they wen't completely away from where they started for the exterior to suit the name of the car.
  • I think it was one of those cars that Nissan sat down and said, we made enough money off the first one, let's take the risk, and have a bit of fun with the second. 
  • saw one up by stroud down by canal, i was on confined spaces course few weeks back, quite funky!
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    here's my 1st gen
  • My Cubes: AZ10 and YGZ11.
  • Hello, just got me gen 1 cube. Can you help? Are the suspension springs on the z10 from a micra? Be great if anyone can help.
  • Hi <div><br></div><div>We have since fitted a K11 Micra lowering spring set on ours, one of the plans I had at Thoresby. The ride is a little harsh but it handles way better and sits well. Still not sorted a decent back box yet, K11's don't fit so it's going to have to be a "dig deep" custom set-up which will still be cheaper than importing a s/h Nismo one!  </div><div>    </div> ;) <div><br></div><div>Tonka </div>
  • Hi tonka, do you have any recent pics of your cube, lowered?
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