Best place for new seat covers
  • Hey folks Best place for new seat covers for z11 ?
  • Japan.

    Or failing that there's a member of the facebook group that imported them in bulk earlier in the year that has / had a single set left.

    Not sure if that last set is still available or he's importing more over...
  • I think he's planning to bring some more in. He set up an FB group for it.

    Can't link it now as I'm at work and FB is blocked here, but will do it later.

  • I was in touch with Eugenio on FB for Clazzio seat covers. He is waiting for a volume of people to show interest in covers (10 i think) and is then going to do a bulk order but there doesn't seem to be a demand at the moment so that could take a while. I have mailed Clazzio In Japan for a price/delivery on a custom set of Type R covers in black with blue W edge stitching for my incoming BGZ11. Bean garage in US can also help if you are looking for Clazzio covers.
  • Now I saw the last set that he had on eBay at the weekend they are black with blue
  • Clazzio Japan will supply direct to domestic market only. :(
  • I am buying from the states- $385 for a set of 7 covers black on black with dark blue W stitching + $140 for postage! £300+ in total.

    Better than the £1,200+ i was quoted for a leather retrim. As long as they wipe down easily, take a bit of abuse and keep their shape i will be happy. Reviews online seem good.

  • A shame he has been stuck with a set when he did a good thing by getting an order together. Just goes to show 'no good deed goes unpunished'. I hope the mods on here are cool with an ad for him, hopefully get them sold!

  • He did do a good job sorting order, trouble is it took over 5 months to come from order date so you can't fully blame the buyer as he decided to sell his car

  • Also that pic is of a gen 3 in the add but covers are for a gen 2.