• anybody done one,, or even a manual micra box fitted??
  • Not that I've seen here in the UK. Phil (Cubed) on here looked into getting an Almera GTi lump and box in, but the costs were astronomical apparently.
  • There was a company that did a supercharger kit. I think it was quite expensive.
  • The supercharger kit was from Impul and needed quite a fair bit doing so in the end I think it just ended up being that there are Impul cubes available that were done by them. I would guess if you can find tuning parts for the engine block that have been put into other cars would be your best bet so for instance there are 160bhp head kits avilable for the HR16DE (gen 3 block) in micra guise so could be you could use that for instance.
  • The Impul kit is about 3k. And not available anymore. I've been told there's also a turbo kit for the Gen2's, but that's even rarer than the supercharger!
  • There are turbo kits available for the micra I believe but not sure how that would suit the engine bay of a cube. Fitting a turbo wouldn't be that tough if you have the right equipment and people you can get hold of to do it as it's just fabrication of manifolds, replacement of injectors and ecu tweaking but like I say you'd need a turbo specialist and the build wouldn't be cheap as a one off as you would be paying for all the development costs.

    This looks like it might be adaptable for the gen 3 guys.... looking at you here Scott!

  • http://www.turbotechnics.com/ they are good had my sierra 4x4 v6 estate done what a car 9psi boost more than anth . Cube well loose a lot through trans but any help is good help all thou my one will pull 5000 in top which is good for a barn door and a long road a tanker of petrol