2004 Cube Exhaust Tail Box

I need an exhaust tail box for my 2004 Cube.  My garage has been phoning all over the place, including Vospers which is the Nissan dealership.  The only one they have been able to track down is in Japan, but it is an extortionate price £425 and 15 days delivery.  Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier or does any members know how I can get one please?


  • It's a micra box nowt funky about it...£425! Lol..
  • Oh...by the way you can have a complete stainless system made to fit yer cube for around £200-£250..never rust...and never trust your garage again they sound like idiots..
  • Hi Cubedude Thanks for the information. Can you give me the contact details of the suppliers so that I can get this system please>
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    Micra k12 same year as your will fit two types so look before you by common as you like pics below of different
    Click on pics for full pick
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