• Hi,
    I know it has been asked before but who has a towbar and any pictures of how it is mounted?
    Mine is a gen 2 cubic (2004), I have no problem making my own bar but if someone has used one that was roughly right that would save me a load of work. I realize that there are so few cubes with towbars and probably no cubics but worth an ask
    I've had the rear bumper off (so much mud) and can't really see how one would mount, I'm thinking making one that replaces the rear bar that is there with some supports going under and forwards to the rails. I'll grab a pic as it is probably different to cubes so you can see what I mean
  • I fitted a Nissan Note towbar. It wasn't easy. The note towbar has 2 brackets which fit inside the rear chassis rails, but on the cubic the chassis rails are blanked off. I cut some holes to allow the brackets to go in and then realised that the chassis rail is also blanked off about 6 inches in, meaning the brackets couldn't be inserted all the way. I then cut the brackets down, losing 2 of the mounting bolts. Because of this weakness I welded on a couple of angles so I could bolt the cross beam to the rear panel. There are some pics on my thread.
  • That one looks a bit different. On mine the cross bar was straight. There is less space behind the bumper on the cube. I'll post a picture of mine when I get home
  • My towbar

  • I'm getting a towbar fitted to my Cubic later this month. Gen 2. Has anyone else done this? I'll post some pics when its done.
  • I have but made my own it works and I did not take of rear bumper may of been easyrr to mod one but I had steel and I weld so join I did
  • Got a detachable towbar on mine. Fitted about 2 years ago.check eBay got it from someone on there,cost about £200 and nitemare to fit.worth it tho..'
  • I got a towbar fitted today. It had to be made.






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