Newbee with a familiar car
  • I'm new here but I am the proud new owner of Simon's old Cube. 

    sadly, the wife is not so keen on Simon's rather splendid peppy exhaust note so we're going back to the original. Does anyone know if a standard K12 exhaust fits the Cube? 
  • Welcome and good to see you've joined up.

    Yes it's a standard K12 exhaust, I assume you're going to sell on the powerflow one? Typically I've only just bought one but there should be some interest.
  • Hi intravenous
    If you wanna sell the exhaust let me know I am looking for one ,you can contact me on the Facebook group (jay smith) thanks
  • Hi Guys,
    Once I get it swapped over, I'll post here & facebook. I'm based nr Stockport, Cheshire.

    I'm sure you'll all shout "sacrilege" but we're putting it back to full height with standard springs so the lowered springs will be available too. 

    Also the range rover grille will be coming off for the standard grille. 

  • The powerflow exhaust is coming off this week so let me know if anyone is interested. 

    Also the springs are being swapped. 
  • I'm interested in the exhaust
  • I'll let you know later this week, my mechanic is struggling to find the standard exhaust at the moment!
  • Struggling to get a Micra exhaust? You can get them anywhere, even Ebay.
  • Very doubt full unless your on sealand inthe English channel. I recon even a good local corner shop would get . In the worst case quik fit / halford / bank loan. exhaust unlimited . Unipart any factors your good mechanical man uses will supply if not like pm says ebay by the ton. Two types sleve or bolt together . Like below
    800 x 725 - 24K
    800 x 498 - 32K
    276 x 306 - 8K
    312 x 302 - 6K
  • Don't be frightened by the cube - apart from bodywork and interior panels it's basically a clio and K12 micra combined apart from the odd mechanical part here and there to keep us guessing. 
  • All sorted, the wholesaler who supplies the mechanic was working off a computer that said no. The std Micra fit is on now with a round back box.

    The stainless Powerflow one is now available - I'm in Stockport if that's good for you Pinion. 
  • Sup..
    Pm'ed yer bout springs and pipe..
  • I'm keen on the springs too, could also trade you my standard ones as I can have the car off the road for a bit if needed
  • I think I may be doing something wrong as can't see messages in my inbox.

    To keep things fair, I've messaged Pinion as he was first but asked if he wants to go ahead to let me know by Sunday. I'll also PM Cubedude & Georg with prices, Cubedude will get first pick by Monday and Cube dude by Tuesday - otherwise they go on ebay - is that fair? 
  • Sound fair , have sent you a msg , did you get it ?
  • Sounds great. I'm only interested in the springs as the exhaust will not fit my cubic which is a shame
  • George about exhaust all you need is a small adapter /joiner to make the length differents which i would say you can find like here
  • It looks like Pinion is going for the exhaust & Georg is taking the springs. Thanks for the interest chaps. 
  • awesome, can you ping me a price,