Hello + Build thread
  • Hi,
    I am currently importing an 04 BGZ11 Cube cubic 1.4 AT, i have a few mod plans for the car but i suppose its best to being at the beginning. For me that would be an unobtrusive rear fog light for the MOT pass. I owned an import Eunos roadster a few years ago and the rear fog light was one ugly bit of kit! Are there and solutions out there to stop the fitting of a foglight that looks as if it fell off a caravan and latched itself onto the car? Or are these as i suspect already units fitted with fog lights? Result if so! :) Thanks.

  • No rear fog as standard on the Gen 2's, so you will need to add one once in the UK. 

    Most common mod for it is converting one of the 2 reversing lights. Another is finding a nice afternarket light. Admittedly, this isn't easy. A mate gave me a classic car style one, which I think works well. 


  • Thank you very much Tazbert, it does work well. I can only hope that the exhaust is failing on the car on the run up the road from England to Scotland. That will be the excuse to drop it off for its matching stainless system! One fog light on order from Ebay. :)

    I have been trawling through the Tech section of the site, excellent resource! The car has 45k on it so first things first which will be a service.

    Oil Filter ADN12110 or OC218

    5w-30 oil

    NGKIKH16 spark plugs

    K&N 33-2060 air filter

    Castrol ATF to Nissan J-matic spec

    That will take care of the basics. I will see belt condition once its on the ramp, i also plan to Waxoyl the car as the picture i was sent of the underside was prisitine and i would like to maintain that as much as possible. Do many of you underseal/waxoyl your cubes? 

  • No problem. Most of the fog light efforts you see on imported cubes are awful! ;)

    I think a few have waxoyl'd theirs. Mine isn't though.
  • Ever 6 months I get car over pit at work and spray the oldest blacks waste old diesel old under her normal 1 1/2 litres work a treat messy for a day. Bit you never see a rusty oil engine bay on a old car its only the dry one that rot done it with all my old cars . Its messy for a day then road dust stick .
  • Wire your fog into the reversing light like you should have done on you're Eunos! Did it to mine and I'd do it to the cube if I had one. Then you just install a red bulb and noone knows it's there except you and the MOT man!
  • I put my one in my clear lens on the rear lights 10 extra bright leds .
  • I could do but i have ordered the light so will fit in Centre line, i like the look.

  • We had a Figaro a couple of years ago, we used bright red LED's in the drivers' side reverse light and it got through all the MOT's 
  • Hi,
    Could someone please measure the size of their front and rear plates on their Z11 cubic and let me know. I am wondering if 330mmx203mm is a standard import plate size for the Cubes. Cheers!

  • Hi my is330+180 front back same
  • Thanks, much appreciated!

  • I am sadly 10 days in waiting for a quote to retrim in leather so i don't think i will be doing any business with the guy. I see on the FB page that there have been a few sets of imitation leather seat covers bought. What is the verdict, are they any good, do they look the part and how are they to fit? Options, options! ;)
  • The Clazzio covers are excellent and that is what you'll be seeing on FB. The guy bringing them over is based in London so get in touch with him and he should be able to sort you out when he places his next order. Lots of colours and stitching patterns available as well.
  • Thanks Terry, much appreciated. I am waiting on a quote for covers. Any of you guys got a verdict on The Thule Wing bar roof rack? I have been looking for a permanent rack solution but can't find anything so a removable rack left on all the time seems to be the option!  

  • Seat covers ordered $600 total price for a three row. Black on black, perforated inserts and dark blue stitching.


    14 weeks delivery! :( 

    In saying that, the car is still on the RORO so no rush!

  • Latest ripple in the process. The car is fitted with smart key technology but somehow the smart key itself has not made it to the UK with the car. Could have been nicked on the ship, maybe it was never there. I am now in a situation where i would like to order a replacement smart key. Probably two and have them and have them programmed to the car. Problem is i have never seen the smart key so do not know what it looks like and or a part No/supplier to order one. Can any of you Gen2 owners help out with a picture/link/part No please?


  • Smart key transponders arrived from japan ($200 for 2) and programmed, all good. I am now looking for 2 key blanks which i will have cut in Turkey next month. Anyone know of a UK supplier of key blanks for the Gen 2 cubez or has too many from their own order? I am aware that Prt No for the blank is H0564-AX010?