2003 Nissan Cube in for breaking .. Let us know what you need
  • Very low miles this one..

    Tiptronic gearbox
    431 x 428 - 55K
  • How much for the foglamp blanking plates?
  • Are the calipers still available?
  • Have you got the nissan badge for the front bumper still??
  • Will you post to ireland.i need a speed sensor out of the gear box
  • Sorry yours is tiptronic.
    mine is just auto ..
  • Don't suppose you have a parcel shelf for sale??
  • Ignore previous question.  Just been informed my cube wouldn't have a parcel shelf to be fitted :(
  • Sorry guys don't get notifications from this post, feel free to email us at japautosparesltd@gmail.com
    With what you need.

    We still have bumper badge £30 posted (uk)

    We still have fog blanking plates - £35 posted (uk)
  • Hi I am after the cup holder between the driver and the passage. just below the middle arm rest.

  • Yes we have the cup holder ,£20
  • Hi front cross member wanted - if in good condition please. - Dave.
  • hi im after some front mudflaps preferably in silver but not bothered as long as they are in good nick cheers

  • HAs the Gen 3 arrived yet?