Nissan cube 2004 1.4 12-14 liters/100km
  • hello all
    12-14 liters per 100 km.
    please help me.
  • Hi bud . By any chance are your driving around with the over drive light on ?????
    2.6gallon =14 liters which is 100=62.5 miles = 24 mpg
    3.1gallon =12 liters which is 100=62.5 miles = 20 mpg
    Not good for cube how ever is your right foot heavy . Normaly on a run 40 mpg around town and about 33ish how ever I have done a tankfull on 150 miles heavy foot and in a hurry
    If there was a problem your engine light would be lite as it will be over fueling
  • these are the results of a quiet ride.
    there are no errors ecu.
    any ideas?
    I'm sorry but my English is not so good
  • Hi at 80kph I am doing 2000 rpm .my one is in English mph so I am converting for you and if I travel at 110kph I get 40 gallon about 4.5/5 per liter.has your got standard type sizes tyres I guess your speedo is all kph as my one is converted to mph .
  • This car wouldn't have been set up for winter driving would it? I know the Japs like to hav a lot more juice going in winter so tune their cars for it, and chews through the petrol, so maybe whoever you bought it from had done the same thing.