HI all just serviced my cubic ..BGZ11..CR14DE . OIL CHANGE AND FILTER .filter part point ADN 12110<div>AIR FILTER part no .. BLUE POINT ADN 12223...i also changed the water pump belt PART NO MOTAQUIP VFB496 OR 3pk663</div><div>alternator belt part no 5pk1084 dayco..</div><div>...I DID NOT CHANGE THE SPARK PLUGS YET THATS A JOB FOR A NICE SUNNY DAY..</div><div><br></div>


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    !!!!!!!<b><font color="#ff0000">PLEASE CHECK OUT</font> </b>!!!!!!!
    ............Mate I am worried about your choice of oil Here I have never seen a Manuel cube. This oil  MOTAQUIP 75W/90 SYNTHETIC TRANSMISSION OIL GL-5... is for manual trans  BEFORE ITS TO LATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <b><u><font color="#ff6600">IF I AM WRONG SORRY</font> i delete</u></b>. THIS OIL IS NOT MENT FOR ATF /CVT  . <br>this is what i used 
  • Thanks mate  ill check this out right away <div><br></div>
  • Hi toaster you are right you just saved my gear box THANK YOU ..ill change it first thing in the morning ..<div>ATF-U IS WHAT I NEED </div>
  • Good call Toaster  \m/
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    Thanks ok bud is your cvt or atf . I could not see you go bang thanks Paul m as well you better change it twice and all drain oil cooler get it hot first drain both and fill go for drive and do it all again on average you get 6 - 7 liter out . Hope this helps not cheep oil but cheaper than gearing box
  • Thanks again brother has 7 leters of DEXRON II D would that do 
  • The difference between Dexron II and Nissan j and other atf is in the formulations. Dexron II had problems with corrosion occurring in the solder used in auto trans sorry I would not do it... find out your type of auto or cvt
  • Ok. thanks for the info .matic-j is what it says on the dip stick
  • Thanks that's grt you can crossover from that glad to help
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