Wrong alternator?

My cubic had the wrong fan belt fitted, it was too narrow:<div><br></div><div><img src="http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o710/andrew_bradley2/IMG_20140325_0954511_zps0e4d976f.jpg"></div><div><br></div><div>"idiots"; I thought, and fitted the correct one. I noticed that the belt was trying to ride over the end of the alternator pulley but just assumed it would settle down. 700 miles later it chewed up the belt. Closer inspection has revealed that the alternator pulley isn't aligned with the other pulleys and someone has fitted the narrower belt to make up for it. Is it possible that the wrong alternator has been fitted? Does anyone know the part number for the alternator?</div>


  • Hi bud it looks pritty normal if the pullet has 5grooves it the right one I see I f I can get numbers
  • Yes, the pulley is correct and the belt fits it fine. The problem is that the pulley is mounted too far over to the right (in the pic above). The means that when the engine's running, the belt is constantly trying to move to the left. The thinner belt is fitted to the left of the alternator pulley and to the right of the other 2 pulleys and this works fine. I could leave it like this, but I know it's wrong.
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    Hi bud here are my picks .looked at yours just a fort the tensioners do suffer with wobble and bearings I can take measure to help you .
  • Thanks for the pics. I think the problem is with the tensioner pulley now. I've fitted a new pulley, but still the same problem. It looks like the tensioner pulley isn't straight. If you look at my first pic, it seems to have turned to the right slightly. I think the bracket must be bent, or it's not bolted on properly. Should there be a spacer or a timing pointer or something under the bolt nearest the crank pulley? If I put a washer under there it seems to straighten it out.
  • <p>Interestingly my alternator is a different model (02.2003 build date)</p><p>12V90A</p><p>HITACHI</p><p>23100 AX005</p><p>LR190-760</p><p>31U</p><p> </p>
  • Just to let you know, I got it sorted I hope. The bracket was slightly bent. I've straightened it out and it seems ok for now. How it got bent outwards in the first place I have no idea, accident damage maybe?
  • That's good may be over tighten . At least its sorted .
  • Hi,<div><br></div><div>Where/how do you adjust the alternator and a/c belts? CR14DE engine gen 2 cube</div>
  • One 15 mill bolt in tensoror and a 13 mill bolt under alternator for adjuster . Ac is at back top same idea as above
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