Jemz and Richie_k83's Cubic!

Thought I'd start a thread to show progress on bits and bobs we will be doing to our new addition!

She is a 2003 1.4EX and has done 61k, colour is a metallic red. Got her home yesterday complete with new roof bars and roof box. We have a set of 40/45mm lowering springs to put on hopefully next weekend too.

I'm considering using some of this Flyeye wrap on the headlights. Just wondered how easy it is to put on? Also is it legal to put on the front indicators and all lights on the back too?
Shall also be spraying the front grille black too.

Anyone who has had a cube from performance point.....that aftermarket sat nav/media player that they fit is playing up terrible and hardly working for me! Won't save any settings I put in and the volume is really low even at half the speakers won't work! It won't play CDs etc....anyone else had any problems with theirs? The instruction manual is pretty much useless lol. Im thinking it's not been wired up properly....only bit that's let me down

Here she is for now anyway! With added domo and zilla! :D


  • <div>Welcome! Nice colour Cube!</div><div><br></div>Flyeyes is fine. I have my indicators blacked out with it and my rear light pods. Done 2 MoT's with it on, no issues. It's fairly easy to apply, but I'd recommend putting the sheet on a radiator or similar before using it, makes it much more pliant! :)
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    Welcome! I picked mine up from performance point last week. My sound isn't great through the system so I'm gonna get better mid range speakers, but is pretty loud still. Have you gone into the main settings, audio, changed the bass/treble etc and clicked the box for loud?
    I haven't mastered the sat nav yet, every search I do I've got to change it from Germany to Uk first - I'm sure it's just a setting I need to select.
  • Think i will get some idea how much i will need tho. Will do radiator thing and have hairdryer handy too.

    My sat nav got us back from bristol and radio worked for a while too. Now it just makes an awful sound and nothing else :(
    Yeah tried different settings and clicked loud which didnt do anything. Ive emailed neil to see if he has any idea.
  • Might be the balance on the system. I noticed my rear speakers were dead and wasted a couple of hours taking door panels off before I realised I'd buggered the settings up and moved all the sound into the front pair. #-o<div><br></div><div>The guys at PP are pretty good though. Lots of new owners coming from there and no one's had a bad word to say about 'em to be fair.</div>
  • Yeah he seems like a nice bloke, waiting to hear from him. It came on for a couple of mins just and was working kinda....but then it just started the static noise you get from a telly. I really think there is a loose connection or summat so will have to get it out n have a look. The volume was still mega low tho and turning it up to maximum brings it to a normal kinda level not loud.
    I will have a look at the speaker settings too :)
  • Well hubs has checked connectins and they are all fine, all the settings are ok. The unit/speakers are doing all kinda of crazy stuff like working for a couple mins then loosing volume when no one is turning it down! Hubs came to conclusion that he thinks we have a faulty head unit fitted as everything looks fine connection/setting wise :(
  • Ah that sucks! Well I'd like to think that PP will help sort it out cos they're really good from my experience with them.
    The only issues I've had with mine is that depending what song is playing will seem to affect the volume, and everytime I want to use the sat Nav I have to change it from Germany to UK
  • Neil is posting me out a replacement unit to try :) let's hope it sorts it out! Had no probs with the sat nav at all just everything else on it doesn't work! Lol
  • New unit has been fitted and all seems to work fine for now! Chuffed to bits, Neil also sent me a reversing camera for the troubles. He has been really helpful with it all :)

    Flyeye kit came in the post today so gonna make the most of the sunshine and get the grille painted and the film put on the lights. Also hubs will be sorting he springs out if he gets chance!
    Pics to follow :D
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    Taking the grille off and getting lights out...
    <img src=""; />

    Flyeye black 1 on the front indicators and headlights. Also got some yellow 1 Flyeye to do the fog lights. Really chuffed with how these turned out, that stuff is so easy to apply too :-j
    <img src=""; />
    <img src=""; />
    <img src=""; />

    Side repeaters also got the Flyeye treatment....
    <img src=""; />

    The grille has been cleaned, sanded with some wet and dry, primered and sprayed with some satin black. Now looking nice and fresh :)
    <img src=""; />

    Front end all put back together! Really pleased with it!

    <img src=""; />

    Hopefully springs and rear view camera tomorrow B-)
  • Oops sorry if the pics have attached all huge! Lol
  • Me and hubs spent some quality time putting 40/45mm lowering springs on today!
    <img src=""; />

    <img src=""; />

    <img src=""; />

    And here she is.....really pleased with the result and she is even nicer to drive now!
    <img src=""; />

    Thinking we need new wheels now though too......
  • Looks wicked fair play!

    I want to lower mine, which springs did you use? :D
  • They are by a company called Cobra. Neil from performance point ordered them for us so we had them ready to fit when we picked the car up. Might be worth contacting him? :)
  • Ok great, I'll get into him :)
  • *onto that was meant to say :O
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  • Can you please share the contact info for the place where you bought the lowering springs from?  I also have a 2003 Cubic.  Thanks!
  • New break discs ordered today as we have mega steering wheel judder going on! Thought it best to get sorted before our long drive down south in a couple of weeks :) shall paint the callipers too while I'm at it to get them nice and freshened up.

    I need to replace the door speakers as the passenger side crackles really bad :( any recommendations on good ones?
  • Looking really nice. What's the chances of getting pulled up about the tinted headlights on an MOT? Was thinking of trying that stuff myself. Been waiting for word back from a mates mate that carries out MOT's about this, but would like to know what others have said as well.
  • Have a look on the fly eyes website.....apparently it's all mot legal :)
  • Depending on your MOT'er or cops the Flyeyes stuff will fail. Anything that is classed as interfering with the light emitted from lights is classed as illegal.
  • Ah well....if worst comes to worst I can just peel it off :) didn't cost much anyway
  • Flyeye is MOT legal - they test the light beam as part of the MOT and as long as it meets certain criteria regarding beam pattern etc its fine. <div><br></div><div>Its no different for example how a lot of headlights go milky / yellow overtime. They can still pass an MOT.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • I do like the fly eyes on the fogs been toying with yellowing out the fogs for a while now and that could be a nice easy way of doing it and knowing it's a decent quality vinyl!
  • Well mine had an advisory on it and there are people on Facebook etc that have been asked to remove it by Police. My MOT'er wanted to fail it because the light beam itself is "patterned" from the mesh and is therefore classed as being altered so be warned.
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    <p>Yeah it's a grey area since they introduced the new laws introduced in 2012 but a peel off and reapply isn't a real biggy.</p><p><em><strong>Products on the lens or light source that obviously reduce the light's intensity or change its colour will become a reason for failure – applies to front/rear position lamps, registration plate lamps, stop lamps, rear fog and direction indicators.</strong></em></p><p>Source - <a href=""></a></p><p> </p><p> </p>;
  • I think the changes have just confused some MOTers and they tend to air on the side of caution. I must confess driving at night the light cast on the road from headlamps is heavily patterned with the mesh but the intensity and colour of the light is not affected.
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