Banded steels... A bit of advice from any wheel gurus would be GREAT!!

Afternoon all,

I'm currently having a set of steels banded and am struggling a little with deciding on a final 'stretch' for them, and would really appreciate a little advice from those in the know.

I'm looking at possibly ending up with 8J et00 for the fronts and 9J et-13 for the rear (with stretched tyres all round, obviously)

My question I suppose is this, with a staggered fitment will I get an equal amount of 'poke' front and back? Which is what I'm ultimately aiming for?

I'm basically looking for a similar kind of look as the orange cube kicking around on here somewhere (which for the life of me I can't find anymore) the one that has the hazard tape on the sills?

Any help would be VERY much appreciated, as I need to let my wheel chap know asap

Many thanks



  • This one?
  • Yup, that's the one

    From memory, he's using spacers (I think) but I could really do with knowing what kind of 'poke' those rears are and what combination of width will give me as close to even 'poke' front and back

    (I'm sorry, I hate the word poke, I'm too old to use slang mumbo jumbo but as a descriptive words it is one of the better)
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    This is from George's build thread (owner of the orange one) -

    Quick update, I've got bigger profile tyres fitted to the new wheels, they're 175 70 13 all round, the fronts on 7j the rears 8j, all wheels are et-7, but the fronts have 20mm spacers, no spacers on the rear, I'm going down the route of rolling the arches and flaring them a little with an arch roller, rather than using rivet on arches. Still have a few rubs of tyre on arch so more flaring required, but I'm almost there with the fitment.

    So based on what you're looking at your rears will stick out 1 and a quarter inch more than George's do and your fronts will stick out 2mm less than George's do.

    If you want similar to George's fitment it might be best to for 8" all round with et0 front and et-13 rear.
  • Nice one cubed! That's exactly what I needed!!
  • On my gen 2 cubic I've got 7x17 et40. I worked out I'd need a 15mm spacer to get the rears sticking out the same amount as the fronts. It's hard to gauge as the rear of the arches taper inwards, I did my measurements on the vertical centreline of the wheel. As you are going for stretch, your offset will be much smaller than mine but the difference between front and rear would be the same so the advice above seems about right.
  • Nice one andrewb! :)

    As I'm having them banded, and I can only add width to the 'outside' edge my options are 8j et00, 8.5j et-6.5 or 9j et-13; so using and comparing 8.5j rear and 8j front or 9j rear and 8.5j front either way I'm looking at an extra 13mm or so on the back - problem solved! :)

    I think I'm going to go with the 8j/8.5j setup though as I don't really want to have to roll AND flare the arches - just roll the lip some so as to keep them looking as 'stock' as possible - but if I need to flare them too, so be it :)

    Thanks again chaps... Very helpful indeed
  • Hi, that's my cube, seems the question about wheels has been answered, but I've rolled and flared my back arches, they're flared out about an inch from standard, maybe more. I only had to roll the fronts slightly. The tyres are 175/70 13
  • nice one george! <div><br></div><div>re: tyre size, I'm probably going for 185/60/14 or 175/60/14 - a guy i know is a tyre fitter so were going to have a play around with whatever he has in stock and see what fits best once the lowering springs are on</div>
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