Gearbox oil

Hi, I'm a newby to the forum and to Cubes! We bought our blue, 2003 Cube a few months ago down here in Cornwall and so far are loving it. We had it serviced for the first time last week and it seems we need gearbox oil; we're struggling to find out which specific one we should be getting and I wondered if you experienced Cube guys could point us in the right direction? It's the standard auto version (I think!), not CVT. Cheers!


  • You'll be glad it's not CVT... Oil for that is a fortune. There are threads on here for it but someone will be along to tell you what you need. I own a gen 3 so not sure on the gen 2 gear box oils.
  • Gen 2 atf not cvt . On dip stick it will say Nissan j . I used ATF/U and I drained oil cooler bought 2 gallon. 1I used to flush and drained again with I keep for a flush next time then put in 7 liters its a job to get all out but draining oil cooler defo helps . Check fro gears and test levels . Hi and welcome .
  • Thanks for that. I'm not a very practical bunny when it comes to cars, so i'll pass the info on to our mechanic!
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