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Just wanted to say hi all! I'm just on route from Bristol going back home after just test driving what will be my new cubic next week! I'm so excited!! But will be sad to say goodbye to my honda jazz :( needs must with the family growing though! Gone for a 2003 1.4 EX in luminous metallic red and got roof bars and box to go with it too!

Hubs is already looking into some coilovers, any advice welcome!

We have been going to japfest these last couple of years and I fell in love with the cube while we were there, always said it's the only car I'd ever trade my Jazz in for and now here I am :oD picking her up next Saturday!


  • Welcome to the world of Square B-)
  • Welcome and glad you found cubeness through our stand - so will you be joining our stand with your cube this year?!

    Getting close to 30!
  • Hi peeps!
    I really want to but hubs wants to wait until we have done a couple of mods, plus I will be quite heavily pregs and doing all day would be a killer lol but def wanna join in next year!
    Do you organise other meets or is it just japfest you attend?
  • Can't wait to go pick her up!...
  • Oooooo a Cubic :-bd
  • Yup! :D just in the process of pulling my jazz apart and putting her back to pains me but will be worth it!
    So if u know anyone who is after jazz parts send em my way! Lol :))
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    That's cool and yeah pretty good reason although next year you'll have a little baby to look after / leave with grandparents for the day! :)

    Japfest and japfest2 have been the main ones and John Hill organises a stand for Bromley car show plus hopefully we'll sort a couple of others. (Trax / Jae possibles)
  • Between us this will be our 4th! So yeah....gonna need child care lol would love to come tho...
  • Bring them all along, we're a family friendly lot. <div><br></div><div>Phil (Cubed) has a little one that was enjoying the sun at JF2 last year and my 3 year old loved it so much that this year he's already started asking about going again and so we've set on taking him and our 1 year old to Japfest as well as probably JF2 which is on our doorstep so stupid not to go really!</div>
  • Sounds good! Suppose if they start complaining I can lock them in the new roof box :D :-\" lol but really I shall consider it. <div>There is always a chance my hubs might end up working them anyway cause he works for (if anyone's after parts I can put you in touch with him and he will give you a good deal btw!) If he is working them I might go for it and join the club stand......what's the very latest I can be added onto the club stand for this years japfests?</div>
  • <p>Hi Jem</p><p>Interesting to know - you're based in the Midlands then? I know Shaun Mint through facebook / local car meets.</p><p>Will be in the market for a cusco strut brace at some point so let us know some discounted prices, maybe a group buy as they fit gen 2 and gen3 model cubes :)</p><p>The payment deadline for japfest is tomorrow.</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Phil</p>
  • Yeah I know Shaun....he took that pic of my jazz I posted above. They work in the same office and we often see him at curborough sprint track too when we go driving.
    Well I will have to leave the stand then but if I come will come say hi for def!

    Yeah I'm in sunny walsall! :D
  • <p>Cool - you won't miss us. </p><p>Very local then - I moved out of Walsall to Cannock in October. :D</p>
  • Thought i'd join the forum too...!

    Looking forward to getting our Cubic :-D
  • <p>Welcome Richie :)</p><p>Just e-mailed you ;)</p>
  • Well I will be sure to wave like a crazy lady should our cubes pass lol
  • All set to go get her tomorrow! Argggggh! So excited! \m/
  • Welcome and congrats on deciding to get a cubic :)

    Woohoo more cubics in the West Midlands!

    I am from Solihull so down the road.

    See you around :)
  • Hi Andy! :-h

    Only one shift at work stands between our trip to Bristol to pick her up! Best go quick this morning lol
  • Good luck! :)
  • She is homeeee! I'm in love already :x
  • Congratulations on the new addition!<div><br></div><div><br></div>
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