Aftermarket steering wheel fitting
  • So some of you may know that I've been trying to find a steering wheel boss to fit an aftermarket wheel to my cube, firstly I bought a cheap eBay one that 'fitted all nissans' ...which didn't fit, and after doing a bit of research I thought that the k12 micra had a different fitment to most nissans, and assumed that would be the same as the cube, so I splashed out £60 on an omp steering boss, and it fits! Well almost fits, the boss fits the steering column, but it doesn't fit with the plastic surround that houses the long ribbon wire thing that takes wires to the airbag and horn (and cvt buttons if you have them) so I've had to remove that and can't have any buttons on the wheel, I've mounted a horn button in the blank switch next to the hazard light switch. My airbag light is flashing but to get around that I plan on just removing the wires going to the airbag light and wiring it to the battery warning light, the airbag light needs to come on then go out to pass an mot, so removing the light would fail the mot. Anyway check out this ridiculously stupid wheel that I've fitted!
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  • Can you remove the airbag itself and still pass MOT? Always been confused on that.
  • You can remove the airbag and pass, a few of my mates have done so, but the airbag light needs to come on with the first click of the ignition, then go out when the engine starts. I have heard talk of the laws changing to make it need to appear to have the airbag aswell, but if that becomes law I'll just put the standard wheel on for mot time
  • Been interested on the airbag issue since it came in as all the MX-5 guys wereworried by it. The wording actually states it's a fail if an airbag that was fitted as original equipment is obviously missing or failed and so if the wheel has been swapped it should fail as below. 

    Supplementary restraints

    The vehicle will fail the test if any airbag fitted as original equipment is obviously missing or defective.

    A seatbelt pre-tensioner fitted as original equipment but missing or that has obviously deployed will be a reason for failure.

    Seatbelt load limiters that are missing where fitted as standard or folding webbing type limiters that have obviously deployed are also reasons for failure.

    The vehicle will also fail if a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) malfunction indicator lamp indicates a system malfunction.

    The cars that were apparently the grey area were early mark 2's and things like the civic EG where a drivers airbag was an optional extra but there is no passenger one and so the removal is not obvious as stated in the regs. There is no OE list for checking the cars against so you can't tell. If the light doesn't come on it also doesn't mean a fail as if no bag is fitted there shouldn't be a light as that is the give away it's been removed!

    Guess having people have done it and passed means it's not being policed or could just be they went through before march last year as although these were 2012 changes they didn't enforce until 2013.
  • Yup sectiuon 5.4 of the manual guess it's just not being policed...

    Method of Inspection
    1.As far as practicable, check thatall airbags fitted as originalequipment are present and notobviously defective. 

  • It policed here in our locals .